The Literary Way

"Twenty-one circular walks combine to form a fascinating long-distance route exploring the writers and landscape of the Peak District"

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The Literary Way

The book includes: twenty-one chapters, each with its own walk, map and instructions

Over one hundred and thirty original black and white photographs taken by the author. Information about the writters, putting them into the context of the Peak District with short quotes from their work. A complete bibliography of all the books that are referenced.

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Rural Bliss

Ellastone to Mayfield through Calwich & Snelston:
Writers: George Eliot – Mary Delaney –George Frideric Handel - John Gisborne - Jean Jacques Rousseau – Lord Byron - Gilbert Sheldon - Michael Sadler – Erasmus Darwin – Thomas Moore – Lord Byron - Alfred Butler
Rural Bliss Map
Rural Bliss Google Earth Tour

Twas on a winter’s morning,
The weather wet and wild,
Three hours before the dawning
The father roused his child;
Her daily morsel bringing,
The darksome room he paced,
And cried, ‘The bell is ringing,
My hapless darling, haste!’

The Factory's Girl Last Day

Great Poor Writers

Mayfield to Mappleton & Okeover through Ashbourne:
Writers: Thomas Cockayne – Aston Cockayne - Alexandre Dumas – Samuel Johnson – James Boswell – H L L – Catherine Booth - Brooke Boothby – Erasmus Darwin
Great Poor Writers Map
Great Poor Writers Google Earth Tour

Now, motionless, in this little shrine must hold:
No more to wanton in the eye of day;
Or to the breeze your changeful hues display:
For ever still inanimate, and cold.

A Locket of Hair – Brooke Boothby

A Limestone Desk in Happy Valley

Mappleton Bridge to Thorpe Cloud through Ilam:
Writers: William Congreve – Samuel Johnson – John Edwards
A Limestone Desk in Happy Valley Map
A Limestone Desk in Happy Valley Google Earth Tour

A Contemplative Man's Recreation

Thorpe Cloud to Tissington through Milldale
Writers: William Adam – Eliza Cook – Isaac Walton - Charles Cotton – Henry Glassford Bell – Thomas Becon – Sir William Fitzherbert – Frances Jacson – Maria Jacson - Richard Graves
A Contemplative Man's Recreation Map
A Contemplative Man's Recreation Google Earth Tour

But glad I am to hear thee say with warm and clinging love,
Thou thinkest of Old England and our Rambles by the Dove.

Our Rambles by the Dove – Eliza Cook

Horse Tales

Tissington to Brassington through Bradbourne
Writer: Nat Gould
Horse Tales Map
Horse Tales Google Earth Tour

Bradbourne, figuring under the name of Millbourne in my novel “Hills and Dales” is perhaps the one place in England that I look back to as my old home and village.
The Magic of Sport – Nat Gould

Caves & Down Under

Brassington to Cromford through Ible
Writers: Daniel Defoe – D H Lawrence – Nathaniel Hawthorne – Mary Shelley – Joseph Cumming - Lord Byron – P G Patmore – Geraldine Jewsbury – Thomas Carlyle – Erasmus Darwin
Caves & Down Under Map
Caves & Down Under Google Earth Tour

Says I, ‘Good wife where do you live?’
‘Here sir’, she says, and points to the hole in the rock.
‘Here!’ says I, ‘and do all these children live here too?’
‘Yes, sir’ she says, ‘they were all born here’.

Daniel Defoe

A Dark Wood, Dark Deeds & a Lamp

Cromford to Matlock through Lea, Holloway & Dethick
Writers: Ouida - Alison Uttley – Florence Nightingale – Charlotte Yonge - Friedrich Schiller - Anthony Babington
A Dark Wood, Dark Deeds & a Lamp Map
A Dark Wood, Dark Deeds & a Lamp Google Earth Tour

She walked along the rough path, casting fearful glances to right and left.

The Country Child – Alison Uttley

Boys, Trees & Water

Matlock to Darley Bridge through Two Dales
Writers: William Lisle Bowles - Samuel Taylor Coleridge – John Smedley – Robert Louis Stephenson - Richmal Crompton – Francis Sacheverel Darwin - Crichton Porteous – Joseph Whitworth – John Gisborne - William Wordsworth
Boys, Trees & Water Map
Boys, Trees & Water Google Earth Tour

“The house of Shaws!” I cried. “What had my poor father to do with the house of Shaws?”
Kidnapped – Robert Louis Stevenson

Seventeenth Child

Darley Bridge to Birchover through Winster
Writers: Llewellyn Jewitt – Eliza Meteyard
Seventeenth Child Map
Seventeenth Child Google Earth Tour

The Barrow Knight

Birchover to Middleton-by-Youlgreave through Bradford Dale
Writers: Georgiana Cavendish - Thomas Bateman – Eliza Meteyard
The Barrow Knight Map
The Barrow Knight Google Earth Tour

A Gothic Elopement

Middleton-by-Youlgreave to Haddon through Lathkill Dale
Writers: John Gratton – John Bright – George Herbert – William Adam - Ann Radcliffe – Mary Balmanno - Baroness de Calabrella – Ben Fenton – Elizabeth Champney – Allan Cunningham – Lee Gibbons – Charles Major – Mary Pickford – Arthur Sullivan & Sidney Gurney - John James Manners
A Gothic Elopement Map
A Gothic Elopement Google Earth Tour

Everlasting praises be given to our God forever. Amen.
Written in Derby jail, where I am a pri
soner for the Truth’s sake.
John Gratton
22nd Third month, 1683

Satanic Mills In Arcadia

Haddon to Hassop through Bakewell, Ashford & Monsal Dale
Writers: John Holland – Celia Fiennes – White Watson – Jane Austen – Francis Hodgson – William Gisborne – Erasmus Darwin - John Howe – John Ruskin – William Newton – Mary Sterndale – Fanny Trollope – John Rayner Stephens – William Howitt
Satanic Mills In Arcadia Map
Satanic Mills In Arcadia Google Earth Tour

... and would himself flog us with these hazel sticks across our bare buttocks and loins till he cut the flesh and made the blood flow.
Joseph Rayner Stephens

Sylph, Leviathan & Families

Hassop to Chatsworth through Edensor
Writers: Joseph Paxton - John F Kennedy - Thomas Hobbes – Joseph Shorthouse – Celia Fiennes – Georgiana Cavendish - Caroline Lamb – William Wordsworth - William Adam George Howard - Nancy Mitford
Sylph, Leviathan & Families Map
Sylph, Leviathan & Families Google Earth Tour

I asked you not to send blood but yet do – because if it means love I like to have it – I cut the hair too close and bled much more than you need.
To Lord Byron – Caroline Lamb


Chatsworth to Curbar Gap through Baslow
Writers: John Hall - Sebastien Ferranti – William Watson
Victorians Map
Victorians Google Earth Tour

The Sage

Curbar Gap to The Grouse across the moors & through Millthorpe
Edward Carpenter – Olive Schreiner – Isabella Ford - E M Forster –Henry Salt – George Bernard Shaw - G H B Ward
The Sage Map
The Sage Google Earth Tour

It is big and brown, wide and drear, featureless and lonely, flat and boggy as any moor in Peakland, and yet, to those who know it most intimately, full of interest, and in the treading of it, verily, a big man’s moor.
Clarion Ramblers Handbook – G H B Ward

The Plague

The Grouse to Leadmill through Eyam
Writers: Thomas Denman - William Wood – Mary & William Howitt - Joseph Hutton – Anna Seward – Richard Furness - Murray Gilchrist – Marmaduke Middleton
The Plague Map
The Plague Google Earth Tour

Dear Hearts, – This brings you the doleful news of your dear mother’s death.
Letter to His Children – William Mompesson

Currer Bell

Leadmill to Ashopton through Hathersage & along Stanage Edge
Writers: Charlotte Bronte – Sir Walter Scott
Currer Bell Map
Currer Bell Google Earth Tour

“Call me no longer Locksley, my Liege, but know me under the name, which, I fear, fame hath blown too widely not to have reached even your royal ears - I am Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest.”
Ivanhoe – Sir Walter Scott


Ashopton to Hope past Derwent Dam & over Win Hill
Writers: Erasmus Darwin - Guy Gibson – Ebenezer Elliot – John Whittier
Heroes Map
Heroes Google Earth Tour

Heaven and Hell

Hope to the Winnats through Castleton & past Eldon Hole
Writers: Isaac Ambrose – William Bagshaw - Charles Roe - Sir Walter Scott – William Bennett - Michael Drayton - Daniel Defoe – Lord Byron – Celia Fiennes - Faujas Sant Fond – Johanna Schopenhauer - John Mawe - Ben Jonson – Charles Cotton – James Plumptre - John Ruskin
Heaven and Hell Map
Heaven and Hell Google Earth Tour

O thou my first and best, of thy black entrance nam’d
The Devil’s-Arse, in me, O be thou not ashamed,
Nor think thyself disgraced or hurt thereby at all...

Polyolbion (1622) – Michael Drayton

Mystery Under Shivering Mountain

The Winnats to Edale Cross via Mam Tor & Rushup Edge
Writers: Arthur Conan Doyle – William Boyd Dawkins - Celia Fiennes – Daniel Defoe – Thomas Barlow
Mystery Under Shivering Mountain Map
Mystery Under Shivering Mountain Google Earth Tour

I vowed that when my health returned I would devote some holiday to exploring those mysterious depths and finding out for myself how far the Roman had penetrated into the Derbyshire hills.
The Terror of Blue John Gap – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Howling Wilderness

Edale Cross to Hayfield across Kinderscout
Writers: Ebenezer Elliott - Benny Rothman – Ludwig Wittgenstein - Mrs Humphrey Ward – Agatha Christie
Howling Wilderness Map
Howling Wilderness Google Earth Tour

There is indeed an extended angle of this county, which runs a great way north west by Chappel-en-le-Frith and which they call the High Peak. This, perhaps, is the most desolate, wild, and abandoned country in all England.
A Tour thro’ the Whole Island of Great Britain – Daniel Defoe

To Whet Your Appetite!

Why not find out the answers ?

1. In 1815 who was given £3000 (equivalent today - £165,00) for a poem he was yet to write?

2. Who wrote one of the most famous novels in the English language using the pseudonym, Currer Bell?

3. What was the name of the million seller book in Edwardian times?

4. Who wrote a novel based on an English church that had never been translated into English?

5. Where was 'the placed called home' for the most popular fiction writer with troops in the First World War?

6. Who discovered a family living in a cave?

7. Which philsopher flew kites?

8. Who used a formation of rocks as the basis for a children's story in Victorian times?

9. What was Castleton called in the novel about cavaliers, written by an author who lived at Chapel-en-le Frith?

10. How was the film actress Mary Pickford connected with the Peak District?