The Literary Way - Google Earth - Victorians Tour

Starting Point - Chatsworth House. The places we visit: Chatsworth to Curbar Gap through Baslow. The Literary Way is marked by blue dots. Title of relevant books or poems are annotated on the route and they are followed by the author's name. Click the screen at the beginning to bring up the labels. As the route progresses many of the labels are in faint text. To fully read, pause the tour by clicking on the tour image or use pause button. Instructions: Start - Click on Enter Tour. Use the menu buttoms above or the slider controls on the Google Earth Screen.

Some Technical Matters: Please be aware that Google earth tours are leading edge technology and hence there may be the odd compatibility issues.

Google Earth Plugin

If it is not installed, this page will prompt to download the Google Earth plugin. It downloads quickly direct from Google Earth. Below are some common issues with browers. All of the issues only need by done once to view all of the tours.

Google Chrome: After installing the plugin. Type in Chrome://plugins and tick Always allow to run.

Internet Explorer: After installing. Tools/Compatibility View Setting and enter in the box

For those who prefer you can download the KML file to load directly for Google Earth.

The Literary Way Victorians Tour - KML File

If there is a problem with the plug-in for your browser, follow this link for compatibility information. If the links do not resolve the problem, then install Google Earth and download the KML file (above) of the tour you wish to see, from this site.

Apple and iPhone users should download the App from the App Store and then through Safari find the relevant KML file on this site. It will then ask you if you wish to open in Google Earth.

The Creative Peak would like to thank Google and the Google Earth team for making the system available to websites such as this. It is undoubtedly wonderful imagery which we are proud to access.

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