Rural Bliss Map

Circular Walk - Ellastone to Mayfield

Walk Directions

Ellastone to Upper Mayfield through Calwich and Snelston

Ellastone Church to Calwich Abbey (1.45 miles)

The starting point is the car park opposite to the church. Turn right out of the car park, go left at the end of the lane. At the main road junction turn right down the hill. Pass the fictional Donnithorne Arms. Take the first turning left. Before the bridge turn left past the gate house. Follow the track to the remains of Calwich Abbey

Calwich Abbey to Snelston (1.52 miles)

Continue to follow the same track. The summerhouse can be seen near the river. Follow the track until it bends left at 90 degrees. Take the track on the right. Go through gate and join the track at the bottom of the hill. Cross the stile which is immediately in front of you. Follow the path across the field, and cross Toadhole bridge. Go straight ahead, cross the road and take the lane opposite. Walk up hill for a few hundred yards to enter Snelston

Snelston to Church Mayfield (2.19 miles)

Turn left at the first junction in Snelston. When in sight of the church take the left turn. Follow Parkfield lane for about 1 mile. Turn right at the end and then take the next left turn. Arrive at the ‘football goal post’ . Take the path opposite to goal. This leads down to cross the River Dove. Go past the factory and mill cottages. Turn left when reaching the lane. Mayfield Church is then a short walk along the lane.

Church Mayfield to Upper Mayfield (1.13 miles)

Take the left path which goes through the church yard. Follow the path into the field. When it branches, follow the right path to the lane. At the junction cross over the road and take the lane opposite. After a short distance turn right along Slack Lane. It becomes a path. Pass Moore’s cottage and arrive in Upper Mayfield.

Upper Mayfield to Ellastone (3.59 miles)

Turn left at the end of Slack Lane. Walk up the hill and then turn left at the cross roads. At the end of the road go on to the footpath which is ahead. (Ignore the path to the right and the one to left). Pass through the gate. The path follows the hedge on the right. It then diagonally crosses three fields. You then reach a cross where four paths meet. Take the path to the left which is almost back on oneself. Cross several fields. Continue along path which is The Limestone Way. The path eventually goes down and along the side of the woods. At the end of the woods the path branches. Take right branch which goes downhill across the field. Turn left on to the lane and follow it back to Ellastone. Return across the field to Ellastone Church.

Distance: 9.87 miles Ascent: 929ft