A Dark Wood, Dark Deeds and a Lamp


Circular Walk - Cromford to Matlock through Lea, Holloway and Dethick

Walk Directions

Cromford to Lea

Leave Cromford by crossing the main A6 and taking the road to Lea. The original Mills are on the left, and on the right is the canal basin. We follow the road over the bridge with a view of Willersley Castle. After the railway station, we take the footpath on the left. When we reach a cross of paths we turn right into the wood. The path goes through the wood, across a field and joins a lane. We turn left, and at the left bend there is the track to Castletop Farm. The path goes straight on into Bow Woods. At the end of the woods, it is Lea Mill, and the Smedley Works.

Lea to Dethick (2.3 miles)

We follow the road past the mill (not under the arch). On the hill there is a footpath to the right which we take. It crosses a field and in the next field hugs the wall. Inside the wall is Lea Hurst, Florence Nightingale’s home. The path continues to the deer fence and we take the path to the left. We are on a minor road and we then take a path through the housing on the right
We cross the road and then there is a steep path through the woods. Come out on the road, turn right and take the first left. This is the quiet Long Lane with many distant views. As we descend towards Holloway take the footpath on the right along the wall. It passes the playing fields. It comes out on a lane and we turn left. At the bottom turn right through the estate. At the junction turn left and immediately onto the right footpath between the houses. It comes out in a small park. Turn right on the road and on the left we take the footpath. It dips into a valley and then climbs over the fields. We then reach Dethick.

Dethick to Riber (1.64 miles)

Pass through the church grounds and follow the footpath to the road. Take the footpath opposite and cross two fields. The path forks to the right to meet the lane. We turn right on to the lane
At the junction turn left and follow the lane. After the junction on the right we take the footpath on the right. This leads across the fields towards Riber Hall. Turn right on the lane in front of Riber Hall and follow it around to the left.

Riber to Hall Leys Park, Matlock (0.92 miles)

Take the lane down the side of the cottages and join the footpath. Riber Castle can be viewed behind us. There are extensive views over Matlock. Take the path straight ahead down the steep hill. It eventually comes out on the road, where we turn right. Walk along the road to the church and take the path down the far side of it. At the bottom turn left into Hall Leys Park.

Hall Leys to Cromford (2.65 miles)

In Hall Leys Park cross the bridge over the River Derwent. Walk to the junction and turn left. Follow the road out of Matlock to Matlock Bath. Go past Masson Mill and return to Cromford

Distance: 9.58 miles Ascent: 1597ft