Boys Trees and Water


Circular Walk -Matlock to Darley bridge through Two Dales

Walk Directions

Matlock to Sydnope (3.36 miles)

We leave the park in Matlock and take the road up to County Hall. We pass behind the former Smedley’s Hydro and turn left. The road goes straight ahead along the valley. We stay on the road ignoring any turns that go downhill. At the fork we take the right road (Farley Hill) for a short distance. And then the left fork. This keeps us going along the side of the valley. The main road begins to dip down and we take the cul-de-sac in front of the houses. It eventually becomes a path. The path forks and we take the left fork down the hill by the fence. At the bottom we take the path up past the dams. We follow the east side of the water until it leads us to a footbridge. We have passed the reservoirs and cross the stream using the bridge. The path climbs up out of the valley and we come to an open field. Sydnope Hall can be seen on the right

Sydnope to Two Dales (1.28 miles)

We cross the field and go right of the farm and come out on to the road. After turning left we cross the road and take the next turning on the right. At the end is a T-junction onto a track, we turn left. We continue on this track until it meets the main road. We turn left and immediately right. This allows us to walk along the loop of lane through Two Dales.

Two Dales to Darley Bridge (1.7 miles)

We come out again on the main road and turn left down the hill. The road now has a pavement. It takes us down to the main road through the valley. We cross diagonally to the Whitworth Institute. It is then a gentle stroll past the main building into the park. We follow the edge of the lake going away from the road. There is a footpath exit from the park which we take. It runs along the edge of the railway line. We come out in Churchtown. We cross the level crossing and visit the Darley Yew. After leaving the churchyard we go back onto the road and turn right. In a short distance there is a footpath on the right which we take. We walk across the meadows and past the cricket ground. When we reach the road we turn right and have good view of Oker Hill
We then reach Darley Bridge.

Darley Bridge to Matlock (2.48 miles)

We cross Darley Bridge and take the lane immediately to the left. After a short distance we turn right onto a footpath. The footpath leads us up onto Oker Hill. In several places we can see the single Sycamore. (The public footpath does not pass the tree). As we descend from the highest point we go straight ahead at the path junction. We come out at the junction of two roads
We carry straight ahead along the road. After a short distance we take the footpath on the left. This crosses a field and passes close to the river. Follow the path past the works and continue on it to Matlock Centre.

Distance: 8.82 miles Ascent: 1149ft