Seventeenth Child


Circular Walk - Darley Bridge to Birchover through Winster

Walk Directions

Darley Bridge to Winster (2.29 miles)

We cross to Darley Bridge and pass the first few cottages. After the bends, we take the first turning on the right. As the lane passes through the woods we take the left track. When the track takes a sharp right we take the footpath to the left. Shortly after we take the left of the two paths. At the next path junction we take the right. We are then following the path through the woods. The path runs parallel to the stream. We emerge from the woods and follow the path across the fields. It goes diagonally and finally reaches the road. We turn right as we are now on the edge of Winster. It is a short distance to the centre of Winster

Winster to Birchover (2.11 miles)

We walk through Winster. We can note Winster Hall and the Market House on the main road. Facing us at the end of the street is the Dower House. We take the left turn and then go along the footpath into the churchyard. We walk through the churchyard and take the path out the far side. It passes through a small wood and after a field joins a road. We join the path on the opposite side of the road. Then there is a path junction. We take the left path to Elton. The path becomes a lane and we come out onto the road. We cross this road and take Dudwood Lane opposite. We follow it to the end of the lane where it joins the main road. The path to the left takes us up to Cratcliff and Hermit’s Cave. After visiting these we retrace our steps to the road.
We then take the footpath opposite. It climbs steeply across the field and then goes around a hill. It turns to a track and leads us past the Vicarage and church into Birchover. The Druid Inn is on our left and Rowtor Rocks are behind it. We continue our walk through the village and pass the Red Lion.

Birchover to Darley Bridge (2.42 miles)

Just past the Chapel in Birchover we take the footpath to the right. It winds round some buildings and then crosses fields. After about the fifth field there is a path that crosses in front of us
We turn right along the path on the far side of a wall. (The track appears to continue but is only for farm access). At the bottom of the field we cross the stile. It is a small green lane. We turn left and follow the lane. It will take us back to Darley Bridge. The last section of it retraces the first part of the outward route.

Distance: 6.82 miles Ascent: 1008ft