The Barrow Knight


Circular Walk - Birchover to Middleton-by-Youlgreave across Stanton Moor

Walk Directions

Birchover to Stanton-the-Peak (2.41 miles)

We take the road east from the Red Lion in Birchover. The road climbs the hill, turn right at the junction. There is a footpath on the left after the quarry. We take the path and then the right fork on the path. The path takes us to the Grey Tower. We pass the Tower and reach the Nine Ladies Stones. After the Stones we continue on the path to the road. We turn left onto the road and walk down to Stanton-the-Peak.

Stanton-in-the-Peak to Alport (1.38 miles)

We continue on the road through Stanton. We pass the grounds of Stanton Hall. At the main road junction we cross and take the path opposite. This joins a quiet lane and we turn left. In a short distance we take the path to the right and leave the lane. The path diagonally crosses two fields. It then enters Alport and joins the road.

Alport to Middleton (2.08 miles)

In a very short distance there is a footpath in front of us. We take it and cross the stream. We join the road and at the junction take the left path. This is the riverside path and we follow it to the footbridge. We then cross the stream and stay on the stream side path. We are now on the north side of the stream. Further on we recross the stream to the south side. We follow the wooded valley past the dams. At the end of the valley we cross the stream and take the right path. This leads us into Middleton. At the top of the path we enter the village square. Middleton Hall is along the left road from the square. We proceed to our right along the road. We pass the Chapel and Castle Farm. After the wooded bend is Lomberdale Hall.

Middleton to Birchover (4.08 miles)

We pass Lomberdale Hall and continue on the road until Youlgreave. At Youlgreave we turn right at the church towards Bradford Dale. We cross the stream at the bottom of the hill. Just after the small building there is a footpath on the left which we take. It crosses several fields in a south-easterly direction. As we reach a steep part of a field the path bears to the left. The path divides and we go straight ahead over the wall. This takes us past Castle Ring and Harthill Moor Farm. We follow the path to the lane and join the path opposite. This crosses the fields towards the rocks called Robin Hood’s Stride. We follow the path through the rocks and down to the road. We join the path opposite and it takes us round the hill and into Birchover

Distance: 9.94 miles Ascent: 1691ft