A Gothic Elopement


Circular Walk - Middleton-by-Youlgreave to Haddon Hall

Walk Directions

Middleton-by-Youlgreave to Haddon Hall

Middleton to One Ash Grange (2.14 miles)

On the bend of the road just past Lomberdale Hall we take the footpath on the left. It crosses a small field and comes out on a lane, we turn left. A little way along the lane, just past the bend, there is a footpath on the right. This takes us across several small fields to a lane where we turn left. At the road junction the path goes straight ahead (It is the Limestone Way). We aim for the farm, the path goes round the buildings and through the wood. The path bears right diagonally across the fields. It then takes a sharp drop into Cales Dale. We go down the path to the footbridge over the stream. One Ash Grange is at the top of the path opposite

One Ash Grange to Over Haddon (2.42 miles)

We retrace our steps to the bottom of Cales Dale and turn left. This takes us down the path towards Lathkill Dale. As it opens up, there is a footbridge, which we cross and turn right. The screes slopes are very evident here. The path takes us along the north bank. The tufa falls are on the right (they may be dry in summer). Bateman’s House is on the right over a footbridge. The ruined Engine House is on the left. We come to the first house and a road. We take the road to the left uphill. This brings us into Over Haddon. The church with its sundial is on the right.

Over Haddon to Haddon Hall (1.94 miles)

We turn right through Over Haddon and take any of the right side roads. This leads us past the pub, The Lathkil Hotel. We pass the pub and take the footpath straight on. Ignore the path to the left and carry on across the fields. It reaches a lane which we cross. Then there is a small field and another track which we cross. The path then skirts the wall on the left. We cross the stile and a small field, and another stile. The path then crosses the field diagonally, aim just right of the trees. We join a track and turn left. We then get the first sight of Haddon Hall. The track takes us down to the Hall

Haddon Hall to Middleton (3.4 miles)

We leave the Hall and re-cross the road. In front of us is the track on which we arrived. At 45 degrees to the left is another path which we take. It goes up the hill across the fields. The stile is in the very top corner of the field. The path then goes diagonally across the next field. Aim for the left edge of the woods. Follow the path to the right around the edge of the woods. After the first field the path goes along a fence which is the edge of the quarry. Follow the path through the woods. The path goes diagonally down hill across the field. It then straightens in a small valley which takes us down to the road. We come out on the road and turn right along the pavement. This brings us into Alport. We take the riverside path on our left. This is the Bradford Stream. We follow the path through Bradford Dale back to Middleton

Distance: 10.4 miles Total Ascent: 1655ft