Satanic Mills in Arcadia


Circular Walk - Haddon Hall to Hassop through Monsal Dale

Walk Directions

Haddon Hall to Bakewell (1.9 miles)

We turn right outside of Haddon Hall along the pavement of the A6. In a few yards we take the footpath on our right. We cross the river and follow the path, which comes out onto a lane. We turn right for a short distance and then take the first path left. The footpath divides but both follow the river to Bakewell. (The one to the right is easier in wet weather). We cross the fields and come into the Agricultural Centre grounds. We pass the main building on our right and cross the river. We are now in the centre of Bakewell.

Bakewell to Ashford(2.16 miles)

After crossing the new bridge we turn right along the riverside. Turn left at the road and walk down through Bakewell. The gardens are on our right and the Rutland Arms is in front of us. At the far end of the gardens are the old Spa baths. Go up the street to the left of the Rutland Arms to the Bakewell Parish Church. We can then visit the Bakewell Museum behind the church. Take any of the steep roads down hill. Turn left when you reach the A6 and cross to the other side. We pass the old mill. Carry on until you see the small bridge. Cross the old packhorse bridge and just ahead is Holme Hall. On our left is Richard Arkwright’s house. If we go along in front of the cottages we reach Lumford Mill where we return to the main road. We then take the next footpath on the right and go along the river to Ashford-in-the-Water. As we arrive in Ashford we take the old road into the centre of the village.

Ashford to Cressbrook Mill (4.66 miles)

We go past the Ashford Arms and the Bull’s Head. At the end of the street we turn left. Cross the picturesque sheepwash bridge. On the main road turn right, and take the lane on the left. Follow it as it passes the meander loop with the old limestone works. Take the first path on the right. Stay to the right when it divides and walk along the riverside. It then leaves the river and goes up through the woods. Climb the stile and turn right down towards the car park. Go through the car park, cross the road and take the riverside path. Follow the riverside past the weir and under the Headstone Viaduct. Not far after the viaduct we cross the river on the footbridge. It brings us out on to a lane and we turn left. Walk along the lane until you reach Cressbrook Mill.

Cressbrook Mill to Hassop (3.53 miles)

Walk past Cressbrook Mill and take the footpath to the riverside. It passes behind the mill and we come out at Water-cum-Jolly. Turn left and cross the footbridge near the mill and weir. Follow the path up the hill and join the Monsal Trail. Turn left and follow the trail back towards the viaduct. Cross the viaduct under Monsal Head and walk through the tunnel. Carry on along the trail past the back of Thornbridge Hall. Go past the old Great Longstone station. Continue along the trail to the old Hassop Station.

Hassop Station to Haddon Hall (3.11 miles)

Continue along the trail past the old Bakewell Station. At the end of the trail follow the footpath that goes ahead. Along this track take the footpath to the right. Cross the field and turn left onto the footpath. Go to the end of the field and retrace steps to Haddon Hall

Distance: 15.4 miles Ascent: 1479ft