Circular Walk - Chatsworth House to Curbar Edge through Baslow

Walk Directions

Chatsworth to Baslow (1.57 miles)

We leave Chatsworth along the banks of the Derwent. We go north past the cricket ground and follow the path to the end of the open estate. Go through the twirling gate and follow the path past the thatched cottages. Turn left to Goose Green. Turn left onto the main road and then right at the roundabout. The church is on the left, a little path takes you down to the riverside. Go past the church and view the weir from the bridge by the Rutland Arms. Baslow Hall is further down the main road on the right. Little of it is visible from the road

Baslow to Curbar Edge Car Park (2.46 miles)

Retrace your steps to the mini-roundabout by the church. Take the left road and follow it up through the cottages and houses of Baslow. Keep on the road which begins to climb and the houses gradually end. The road becomes a track. Follow it uphill. You will reach the gate to the Open Access land. Go through the gate and bear right to the Wellington Memorial. From the memorial head for Eagle Stone (it is a squarish shape in the middle of the heather). Pass Eagle Stone and continue along the edge and enjoy the fine views. At the end pass through the gate and turn right to go to the car park.

Curbar Edge Car Park to Chatsworth (4.52 miles)

A path leaves the car park across the moors (near where it joins the road). Follow the path which dips down and then rises along a wall. At the end of the wall a path crosses in front of us, turn right. Follow this across the moor until it comes out near the road junction. Walk to the crossroads. Diagonally opposite is a path. Take the path which leads to the craggy outcrop. As you approach the rocks, branch off to the left along the path. This takes you up onto the edge of the rocks. There you will find Nelson’s monument and his ships’ names carved into the rocks. Go past the named rocks and take the path down from the edge. There is a main path under the edge. Turn left. Follow this until it comes out on the main road near the Robin Hood pub. Turn right and go past the pub. On the left-hand side of the road is a footpath. Follow this which dips down over the stream and then climbs the other side. Follow this path along the edge. It eventually turns inland and will arrive at a large stile over a wall. On the other side of the wall on your left is a track. Take the track through the woods until you reach the Hunting Tower. Descend from the Hunting Tower to Chatsworth

Distance: 8.54 miles Ascent: 1282ft