The Sage


Circular Walk - Curbar Edge to Grouse through Millthorpe

Walk Directions

Curbar Gap to Millthorpe (4.63 miles)

A path leaves the car park across the moors (near where it joins the road). Follow the path which dips down and then rises along a wall. At the end of the wall a path crosses in front of us, turn right. Follow this across the moor until it comes out near the road junction. We turn left for a few yards and take the lane on our right. This quiet lane takes us towards Shillito Woods. At the junction before the woods we turn right. There is a good view across the fields to the Cordwell valley below. We take the next turning on our left which leads us past Unthank Hall. When the second sharp left bend is reached take the footpath straight ahead. Follow it across the fields and then Edward Carpenter’s hut can be seen in the garden. The path comes out on a lane and we turn left across the splash. At the top of the lane is the Royal Oak pub. We turn left to reach Edward Carpenter’s house and then retrace our steps to the crossroads

Millthorpe to Big Moor (4.78 miles)

We turn left after the pub. About half a mile up the lane is Cartledge Hall where Murray Gilchrist lived. We take the path opposite to the Hall and cross the fields. We come out at the top of Horsleygate Lane. We turn left down the lane to Little Orchards. This is where Henry Salt lived and where George Bernard Shaw stayed when he visited. Just past Horsleygate Hall we take a path on our left. It passes around the back of an Equestrian centre and comes out on the main road. The path continues on the opposite side of the road. Follow it as it bends round the trees until you come to a cross of paths. Take the path furthest right and follow it through the woods. At the fork of the path take the left hand way. This bring us out on to a green lane. Turn right and walk to the top of the lane. Cross the main road and enter Big Moor through the gate.

Big Moor to the Grouse Inn (1.34 miles)

Follow the path ahead until it joins a track and turn right. At the track junction turn left towards the solitary house. Follow the track to the right of the house and join the path that runs parallel to the track. Rejoin the same track and head towards the road. Just before the wall turn left along the path and over the brook. This is now on G H B Ward’s route. The footpath then angles away from the road and goes up the heather slope. When you reach the cross path at the top go straight ahead towards the lodge. As you near the lodge take the path to the left. It goes parallel to the top of the rise. When you reach a track turn right and go down hill to the road. Turn left along the verge to reach the Grouse Inn.

Grouse Inn to Curbar Gap (2.64)

Walk past the Grouse Inn and turn right down into the car park just after the pub. Turn left at the bottom, and follow the track. Cross the road and rejoin the track. Follow the track along Curbar Edge back to Curbar Gap

Distance: 13.4 miles Ascent: 1780ft