The Plague


Circular Walk - The Grouse to The Plough, Leadmill through Eyam

Walk Directions

The Grouse inn to Stoney Middleton (3.1 miles)

Just south along the road from the Grouse Inn we turn towards the car park. This takes us from the main road. Go into the small car park. At the bottom, in the woods, a path crosses. Turn left on to it. Cross the stream and climb back to the road which we cross. Go through the gate opposite. It is now a delightful walk along the gritstone edge. After nearly a mile there is a footpath sign down the slope. It passes under the rock faces and turns left down through the wood. Follow this, cross the road and finally come out near the river. Turn right and walk to, and then cross, Froggatt Bridge. Take the immediate left footpath on the far side. Walk with the stream until you reach a path that goes away from the river. Take the path across the fields to the road. Opposite is a track which leads to a farm. The path goes round the back of the farm buildings. On the other side of the building there are two paths. Take the left one which goes diagonally across the field. Follow this until it comes out onto a lane. Turn left to go into Stoney Middleton past the Bath House.

Stoney Middleton to Eyam (1.11 miles)

Go past the church and follow the road. At the junction turn right and go virtually straight ahead along the lane past the cottages. At the junction of two footpaths take the left one. It goes up across the fields. When you reach the top and it levels out you will pass the Boundary Stone with the vinegar holes. Follow the path which goes ahead. When it joins the lane follow this and come out in the centre of Eyam. Turn left towards the church.

Eyam to The Plough, Leadmill (3.68 miles)

When you have finished in Eyam take the road by the general store up past the car parks. At the bend take the cul-de-sac. Follow this track up towards the ridge. When you reach the top of the lane, Highcliffe is on your left. Turn right along the lane and take the footpath on the left. This goes near the mast. Cross the fields which have fine views and you will come out on a track
Turn right and follow the track. At the junction with the road there are two footpaths. Take the one ahead and to the left. The path comes out on a lane near to Leam Hall. Follow the lane down to the main road and turn left to reach The Plough at Leadmill and the river bridge

The Plough, Leadmill to The Grouse (3.17 miles)

Cross the bridge and take the path immediately right. Follow the river side through the fields, then a wood and then fields. You will come out on the road near the church in Grindleford. Turn right past the church and then left along the track. The path bends to the right and then enters the wood going straight uphill. Follow the path towards the Grouse Inn (straight up through the woods). Arrive at the Grouse Inn and then return to the car park

Distance: 11.1 miles Ascent: 1882ft