Circular Walk - Ashopton, Ladybower to Hope past Derwent Dam and over Win Hill

Walk Directions

Ashopton to Haggwater Bridge (4.93 miles)

From the main road (A57) we turn right along the east side of Ladybower. We follow the track along the edge of the reservoir. After about one and half miles we reach the few remaining buildings of Derwent village. We pass these. At low water, in a dry summer, the outline of some of the buildings can be seen. The track leads us towards Derwent Dam. We take the path to the left and reach the dam. The views from near the West Tower are excellent. From the West Tower we follow the road south to go past the entrance to Fairholmes. Just past where the exit road from the visitor centre comes out we turn right up the path. We follow the path through the trees. It joins a track and we turn left and then follow the track and then turn left to rejoin the path. We follow the path out of the woods and along the side of a field. On the track at the top we turn left past the outdoor centre (previously a farm). At the cross paths we go ahead down the winding path. At the bottom, cross the main road, and continue on the path. At the bottom is Haggwater Bridge

Haggwater Bridge to Win Hill (3.11 miles)

Cross the bridge and follow the track. The main track winds to the right up through the woods. Follow it through the woods and emerge at the top. At the cross paths we turn left and Hope Cross is just on our left. We follow the main track (not the one by the trees). A path bears to the left as the main path begins to descend. We take the left path and at a complex path junction we go across the cross paths. And then take the left fork (we are heading for Win Hill) the path clearly goes in that direction. Follow the path which bends round to the left, and passes behind a rise in the ground. The path then takes us to Win Hill Pike with its fine views

Win Hill to Hope (1.53 miles)

From Win Hill Pike we retrace our steps a short distance and take the downward path on our left. We follow this down the hill and then down the steep incline to go past some buildings
It now is a track which we take down and go under the railway. We take the right branch of the track and this takes us down to the road. We turn left and walk into Hope and come out by the church.

Hope to Ashopton (4.16 miles)

We turn left past the church and follow the main road. After we cross the stream take the first turning on the left. We follow this lane. It bends to the right and then has a steep gradient. We pass by the buildings of Aston. Ignore the turning on the right and carry on along the lane. When we reach the road junction we turn left and follow the road around the bend. On our right is a track and footpath, we take the latter down to the old railway track. Turn left and follow until you reach the Ladybower Dam. Retrace the route across the dam and turn left to reach Ashopton.

Distance: 13.7 miles Ascent: 2478ft