Heaven and Hell


Circular Walk - Hope to the Winnats through Castleton and past Eldon Hole

Walk Directions

Hope to Castleton (1.61 miles)

We leave Hope by taking the side road between the Church and the Woodroffe Arms. After crossing the bridge we take the path to our right. It follows a small stream to start with and then crosses fields and stiles. From early on we can see the castle over the village of Castleton. We continue to follow the path until it reaches the road where we turn left. We follow the road as it bends through the village until we turn left to reach the church.

Castleton to Eldon Hole (3.14 miles)

After visiting Peveril Castle and Peak Cavern we return to the market square with its War Memorial. Between the cottages a footpath leads into Cave Dale. We begin the walk up the dale under the castle. We have fine views of the castle from below. At the top of Cave Dale we pass through the gate and continue on the path. The path follows the wall all the way to the track. We turn right along the track. There is a track to the right which we ignore and keep going straight. We then reach a gate where six paths meet, we carry straight on. Just before the large Eldon Hill we turn left on a path. When we have passed the main height of Eldon Hill we aim for the trees in front. Turn right along the wall in front of the trees and Eldon Hole is on our right.

Eldon Hole to Speedwell Cavern (2.93 miles)

We retrace our step to where the six paths meet. We take the second on our left which leads diagonally across the field. When we reach the track we turn left. At the end of the track we turn right onto the road. The road bends to the left and we take the right turn down the Winnats. The first part is on the road, but after the farm and cattle grid we can walk on the grass. We go all the way down the Winnats to the Speedwell Cavern.

Speedwell Cavern to Hope (4.34 miles)

Opposite the entrance to Speedwell is a path which we take. This leads towards Treak Cliff cave and we take the path down to the road. We turn left and follow the road. After the bus turning circle continue to follow the remains of the road. At the point where the old road takes a sharp turn to the left we take the footpath to the right. We ignore any paths to the right and follow it up the side of the hill to come out at Hollins Cross. The ridge opens up before us and we turn along it to the right. There are fine views over Hope Valley and Edale. We walk to Lose Hill . The path goes down from Lose Hill. We take the left hand path (not towards the farm). The path takes us down the convex slope of Lose Hill with Win Hill in front of us. We follow the path down to the road and turn right. We then walk along the road past the Cheshire Cheese pub and into Hope

Distance: 12.0 miles Ascent: 2344ft