Howling Wilderness


Circular Walk - Edale Cross to Hayfield across Kinderscout

Walk Directions

Edale Cross to Hayfield across Kinderscout

This final section is slightly different to the other walks. We finished the last part of The Literary Way at Edale Cross. Given that this is not the easiest place to access and there is no parking anywhere nearby we will start at the end of the walk and go to Edale Cross and then follow The Literary Way to the end.

Bowden Bridge, Hayfield to Edale Cross (2.35 miles)

Bowden Bridge car park is reached through Hayfield when we then turn up Kinder Lane. Leave the car park and cross the road and the bridge and turn immediately left. Follow the track as it curves round to the right. Continue on the track (do not take the Pennine Bridle way). The track turns to the left at Coldwell Clough (by the farm). Continue on the track as it begins to climb
Follow the track past the fields and then to the Open Access land. Continue on the track until you reach Edale Cross.

Edale Cross to Kinder Downfall (2.07 miles)

Go past the cross, through the next gate, and turn left up towards Edale Rocks. The path dips at first and then rises past the rocks. We are now on Kinderscout. Carry on forward and you will see a path ahead along the edge of the moor. On the right is a trig point and a fine example of ‘moonscape’. To the left we have a view towards Manchester and below we can see Kinder Reservoir. Continue to follow the path along the edge. As you reach some of the large rocks the path gradually turns to the right. From in between the rocks you will get the first glances of Kinder Downfall. Carry on along the path to cross the Kinder Stream just above the Downfall

Kinder Downfall to Bowden Bridge (4.01 miles)

Cross the Downfall and stay on the same path along the edge. It gradually drifts away from the steep edge. When the path descends across some steep rocks in front there is a cross of paths
Straight on would lead to The Grouse Inn and right would take us to Ashop Head. We turn left. (Do not take the first path left down the valley ). Go on a little further and take the second path at the cross of paths (it is much easier). Near the bottom as you near the reservoir take the left path to go along the edge of the water. The path goes along the wall overlooking the water
As you clear the inlet you will be able to see Upper House set next to the trees on the opposite side. Continue along the waterside path until it turns inland for a little while. This will join a track and comes out past the dam onto the lane. Turn right along the lane. Follow it back to Bowden Bridge.

Distance: 8.43 miles Ascent: 1980ft